We don't just maintain vehicles, we teach and inform our customers on proper maintenance care to avoid major problems.

We don’t just maintain vehicles, we teach and inform our customers on proper maintenance care to avoid major problems.

CVI Automotive offers an assortment of premier maintenance service packages from your basic oil change all the way to overhauling your entire engine and rebuilding your motor to optimum performance. In addition to this, we also offer mounting, balancing and wheel alignment servicing.

We are proud to provide you and your vehicle superior service and quality parts that will allow you to drive worry free. Our number one advice is to do a preventive maintenance inspection on your vehicle. Doing this will find the problems before it consumes your vehicles life and your bank account.

CVI Delica/Pajero Tune

This service package is custom tailored for diesel vehicles. It is CVI’s most sought after package deal as it improves the performance, power and fuel consumption of your vehicle.

CVI Leaky Turbo Fix

Is your turbo bogging down and not pushing as strong as it used to? Turbo leaks are a very common condition and addressing this issue will lead to power and performance gains.

  • Turbo Charger Overhaul & Sonic Clean
  • R/R Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Gasket Included)
  • EGR Overhaul

Inspection of Fluids

Engine oil, transmission, coolant, differential and transfer case. We examine the condition of your fluids in addition to taking note of any irregularities such as fluid leaks etc.

Inspection of Tires

CVI is fully capable of performing wheel alignments and tire balancing with the assistance of its equipment. We rotate your tires, inspect for wear as well as adjust the pressure and ensure your safety in the road.

Inspection of Suspension Components

We examine the conditions of all your vehicles suspension components and ensure it is in optimal condition to provide you with the most comfortable ride. We do everything from inspection of your CV boots, shock absorbers, tie rods, ball joints, drive shaft boots, steering gearbox etc.

Inspection of Braking System

We all know how important it is for responsive brakes to stop when you want your vehicle to stop. At CVI, we provide you with the assurance that your braking system will not fail you. We examine everything from the condition of your brake hoses and lines including ABS to the percentage of your brake pads. Braking is a very critical component of safety thus at CVI we don’t take chances and you shouldn’t to.

Inspection of Cooling System

What’s the number one cause for a colossal mechanical bill? Its simple, over heating, this is most definitely the case in Delica’s and Pajero’s. Finding the source for overheating is usually the easy part, its not attending to the problem that causes the great disaster.

At CVI, we can assure you this will not be overlooked. We inspect all cooling system hoses and connections to stop you from a financial disaster.